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and THE BOOK ?!?

Welcome to a new age. Soon, ebooks will replace traditional paper books. Since April 1, 2011, Amazon has sold 105 books for its Kindle e-reader for every 100 hardcover and paperback books, including books without Kindle versions and excluding free e-books. The Atlantic's Megan McArdle thinks it means the beginning of the end for print books. She says "I'm pretty sure the print book's days are numbered for anything except specialty applications. The die-hards will cling for a while, but ultimately, book buyers are already an extremely affluent group, and the convenience in acquiring, porting, and storing your library simply overwhelms the drawbacks."

As ebooks become the standard, in the process, they open opportunities for authors which never existed before. Production is no longer dependent on huge, expensive printing presses and production facilities. Instead, publishers have the opportunity to showcase works based on their value not their retail value. We will be publishing original works that will be listed on all the major re-sellers such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Apple's iBooks. Normally, it could cost over $1,000 to format and publish a finished book but for the next five authors, the total cost will be $250. That's right, you can be a published author for as little as $250. S. K. got the first of six available bargains. We're looking for number two. Better get busy and polish up that favorite piece.

As an example, take a moment to check that initial offering. It's a tantalizing mystery/comedy about a lady who shouldn't try to find her boyfriends killer, but tries anyway. And then the killer decides to find her.... and stop the annoyance. Humor . . . With a Twist . . . Of The Knife. It's called Just Stab Me In The Eye and you can read excerpts by going to the BOOK-WEBSITE or find it on Amazon by going HERE or by going to Barnes & Noble HERE.

Do you have a novel that you would like to self-publish? With the bulky and expensive pysical printing process removed, it is much easier to get a book before the public. Now is your chance. A novel, poetry, a memoir of your family . . . whatever it is, submit your manuscript to us and we will evaluate it for free. If it's ready to publish, we'll guide you through the necessary steps. Check our How to Submit page for the specifics of file type and format.

Once you're ready to submit your work, some of the services that we provide include:
- Proofing the text (an essential first step).
- Designing an eye-catching cover.
- Creating the up-front pages such as "Title Page", "About the Author" and "Dedication".
- Organize the content; with a creative layout for a professional look and ensure
   that all the technical requirements of Amazon and others are correct.
- Publicity. A book that no one knows about can never sell.

Please address any questions to me here.